Shanya Almafeta (shabm) wrote in flagonstale,
Shanya Almafeta

Possible rule change

I have had several people from the Tale ask me to ban the discussion of politics from the Flagon's Tale. While none of them rise to actionable levels on their own, on the aggregate it is making the place a worse place to be. I have been asked to ban politics from the Tale -- at least, until the election season is over, which would be one month after whomever gets elected.

For my own part, I am against a ban. For one, I am a political creature (as befits a future Emperess of the United States and Protector of Canada and Mexico); for two, a ban on politics would give me and everyone in charge of the Tale far too much power over discussion, as almost everything can be rendered political. But it's not really 'my' tale anymore, so I ask for consensus.

Comments are screened and won't be seen by anyone but me, so feel free to let me have it with both barrels.

No discussion in the Tale, please!
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